Website SEO Toronto services offer a specialized search engine ranking process for you and your specific niche, combining Technical SEO, On Page SEO, and Off Page SEO as layers to garner higher rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and boost your website’s organic traffic which eventually translates to actual sales figures.


What we offer



Technical SEO


We offer a complete technical SEO revamping to make sure your website has the foundation required to make it friendly to the search engine bots and crawlers, thus making it easy to show your website on SERPs.

Our Technical SEO activities include the following:

  • Improving the speed of your website
  • Reducing website baggage through caching
  • Optimizing all system scripts
  • Restructuring your internal linking structure to make it easier for search engine bots to crawl and navigate through
  • Getting rid of or fixing any broken or dead-end link and pages that may exist, and many more.


On Page SEO


As for On Page SEO, Website SEO Toronto works on optimizing your website with keywords associated with your business products or services, editing, and curating high-quality content for your website in other to increase your website’s search engine visibility. Our on page SEO activities include and not limited to:

  • Title tag optimization
  • Header tags optimization
  • Alt text
  • Meta tags
  • URL structure
  • Content structure
  • Media

A big part of On Page SEO for Website SEO Toronto is SEO writing —we seek to create content that will fulfill the searcher intent as well as feed the BOT. Our on page SEO activities have proven to boost organic traffic and even convert these traffic into actual sales.



Off Page SEO


Website SEO Toronto services also seek to improve your website’s Off Page SEO footprints, i.e. increasing the trust and authority of your website and site content with SEO best practices.

Some of our Off page SEO activities include:

  • Guest posting
  • Guest Blogging
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Customer engagement
  • Press distribution
  • Document sharing, and many more.

We don’t just focus on the quantity of web content, directing traffic back to your site, but also on the quality of these referral domains, which search engines look into as indicators of how relevant and high you will rank.



Web Design


WST also provides Web Design services: restructuring and organizing your website’s design structure to make it easier to navigate both for the search engines as well as for your site visitors (users). We understand the importance of getting users to come to your page just as much as we know how important it is to make sure they can move through your site enough to make their purchases.

Our Web Design service aims to keep your customers from leaving the site after they landed on it, our goal is to convert your site visitors to customers. WST also optimizes your website by making it mobile and handicap friendly in other to increase the range of people who can access it with ease.



Internet Marketing


As we made mention, Social Media Marketing is an important piece of our services. Website SEO Toronto uses various internet marketing platforms to increase your website’s organic traffic. We don’t just generate organic traffic to your website; we focus on driving “targeted qualified leads”. Visitors that are serious about buying your products or services.

Some of our internet marketing activities include:

  • Social media Marketing
  • Web profiles
  • Text, Video, Display advertising
  • Citations

All in the effort to bump your website to the top of SERPs. Search Engine Optimization in itself is already an integral part of internet marketing in that it makes your website more visible for potential customers.



Other SEO services: Local SEO, Amazon SEO


If you want your business to appear in the (LOCAL MAP PACK) of search results for queries related to your business. Then Local SEO is the way to go. We will optimize your Google My Business page so that it appears among the top 3 search results for your niche keywords.

Furthermore, if you want your products to appear on top of the search results for keywords related to it on Amazon. We can optimize your product pages, as well as your amazon store so that it shows up among the top results.