Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is formerly called, is the art and science of making changes and alterations in one’s website structure or in the website’s content to make it more friendly to search engines.

Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use systems called web crawlers or search engine bots to help find only the most relevant websites, blog posts, or contents that match the keywords once a search query is made.

Basically, if your website content contains relevant keywords, has quality content, and technically structured properly, then you have a higher chance of appearing on the top pages of the search results page. The higher up your website is on the search result pages, the better the chance of people coming by your website instead of your competitors’.


We help websites to rank on search results


At Website SEO Toronto, we will optimize your website with relevant keywords and phrases and curate meaningful content that will help your website rank high on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). We also restructure and organize your website design structure, all in the effort of boosting your website’s performance on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Now you may be wondering, “Why is this important or relevant to my business?”.

In modern-day society, people use the worldwide web to look up almost everything and anything that they need. A lot of businesses have therefore transitioned online and made marks for themselves in the online market. If you are a business owner in today’s digital age, you have no excuse not to establish an online presence, considering the number of people that are connected to the internet right now.

That being said, you have to think of smarter ways to get people to visit your website instead of your competitors if you want to boost your business sales and increase your organic traffic. This is where search engine optimization comes in to play.


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Why hire website SEO Toronto WST


The number one reason why a lot of businesses or website owners hire SEO companies to optimize their websites and web content; is so their website can show up on the first pages of SERPs. More and more companies in Toronto have started to hire SEO experts to help get their websites rank on the top pages of search engines.

At Website SEO Toronto, we take the principles of search engine optimization and optimize your website with relevant keywords and phrases, curate quality content, overall making your website search engine friendly.


Our search engine ranking process


At Website SEO Toronto, Search engine optimization is done through several layers of editing, restructuring, and content creation as part of our extensive search engine ranking process. Each layer heightens your website’s visibility. And as each layer of our search engine ranking process interacts with each other, we can guarantee your website will rank higher and ultimately increase your website’s organic traffic that will eventually translate to actual sales for you. 


Our SEO Toronto company also provide you with an initial assessment and diagnostic procedure to figure out where your website stands at the moment, and then pull up information on how your competitors are doing and what type of keywords are relevant in your specific niche.

Then work on building a sound foundation through technical SEO, curating quality content through On-Site SEO, redirecting traffic through Off-Page SEO, and providing you with regular reports that show you your SEO progress as well as identify areas of improvement.


Website Audit


A website audit is basically how Website SEO Toronto (WST) runs its full analysis of your website’s current level of SERP visibility and ranking. Like any medical check-up or even car tuning, you need to first understand “the root cause of the problem” before you try to solve it.

Through a website audit, we can look into the actual reasons behind why your site is unable to rank on SERP or why your current organic traffic is not translating into actual sales figures.

WST uses quality website audit tools to locate technical errors, analyze website design and user experience, and run assessments on the site’s content. Using this, we can generate a full checklist report on all of your site’s issues before customizing a search engine ranking process curated specifically for your website and the industry you have your business in. After all the initial website auditing is done, we can move on to the next portion of the assessment.


Competitor Research


Competitor research is where our SEO Toronto company tries to identify a list of some of your business’ main competitor  — we perform research on some of the common search queries or keywords potential customers use to navigate your niche. After this is done, we look into their specific SEO metrics to identify the gap between their efforts to gain visibility compared to yours. Some of the most common metrics are:

  • Domain Ratings
  • Quality of Referring domains
  • Organic Traffic
  • Semantic Keywords
  • Social Signals

The Domain rating of a website basically indicates how solid your website’s backlink profile is. This comes hand in hand with identifying the referring domains themselves to see whether the number of websites linking back to your main site are of quality. Another important metric we look into here is how fast your competitors acquire new referring domains that keep redirecting traffic their way.

The more you know about what your competitors are doing that you currently aren’t, the faster you can get to work to close the gap. Website SEO Toronto runs competitor research specifically to identify this gap and how to close them through our custom search engine ranking process. Basically, it’s finding out what works for your competitors’, taking the concepts and principles, and using them better. 


Keyword Research


Keyword research is more industry or niche-specific. We know how to find the most relevant keywords or your site and its content. These include names related to the actual products and services provided within the industry, or even words and phrases related to three types of content — Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.


Awareness content is all the informational content that lets your customers know what your brand and products or services are all about.

Consideration content is content-driven to make your customers see why your products and services are better than your competitors’.

Conversion content, which is the commercial content — content driven to translate traffic into actual figures in sales. Obviously there will be more competition for keywords, or phrases related to the actual transactional content.


The goal of keyword research is to make sure your website design and site content are all built to contain only the most relevant ones that will heighten the chance of search engine crawlers pulling up your site into higher rankings on the Search Engine Results Page.


Technical SEO


As we briefly mentioned earlier, Technical SEO is all about working on the technical aspects of your website to help it rank higher on SERPs. The basic process here is making your website faster, making it easier to crawl for search engine bots, and making your website more understandable or readable for search engines. Although crawlers do try to provide users with faster, more structured websites, technical SEO is something you want to be doing for your user experience too.

A website that has been technically tend to be fast, easy to crawl, doesn’t have dead-end or broken links, and is easily readable for search engines to understand what your website is about so that they can show your website to queries relevant to it. At Website SEO Toronto, these are all things that are part of our search engine ranking process.


We make sure that your websites are faster by improving your hosting, revamping your images to be easier to load, eliminating website baggage through caching, and optimizing all script files like JS and CSS.

As for being easy to crawl, WST fixes your internal linking structure to make search engine bots have an easier time following links over to your website and to its specific content. This is also why we identify all broken and dead-end links and pages and either remove them or update them with working ones.


On-Page SEO


On-Page SEO is every activity you do on each page on your website to improve its performance on SERPs. At Website SEO Toronto, we strive to optimize individual web pages on your site to boost to rank higher on relevant search results and boost organic traffic. Technical SEO discussed earlier is also part and parcel of On-Page SEO — Although they are different, yet they go hand in hand.

Search engines make it a point to provide users with the best search results, in other words website or web pages with high-quality content. They locate these through an algorithm system that seeks to look for relevant keywords on all sorts of websites and web content. The easier you make it for these bots to read through your content, the better the chances of your website showing up among the top ten search results.

After optimizing your website for technical SEO, we at Website SEO Toronto makes sure your site content has the right :

  • Title tags
  • Header tags
  • Alt text
  • Meta tags
  • Media
  • URL structure
  • Proper use of keywords and similar phrases


Every ranking factor that is important to help crawlers “read” what your page and site content is all about. SEO writing is also a crucial part of On-Page SEO.

SEO Writing is all about using relevant keyword phrases, using proper headings, and also making sure the actual content is something users will read and find useful. You’re not just writing to get a higher ranking on SERPs, but in order to translate this traffic into actual sales figures, you need to make sure your potential customers like what they’re reading. Your website needs to fulfill the searcher intent. This is all something Website SEO Toronto can do for you.


Off Page SEO


Just like on page SEO focuses on onsite activities, Off Site SEO focus on all the activities you do outside of your website that will help to push your website to the top of search results. We mentioned backlinking and referral domains a while ago when we talked about competitor research.

This is where it becomes useful for your website, because when it comes to Off Page SEO, your goal is to have as many relevant, quality external pages, sites, and content to link or make reference to your website. In other words, other websites should vote for your website as a credible resource for your niche.

Off Page SEO, is essentially about creating exposure and brand awareness. You want to have other sites referencing or linking back to you. You want your site to develop a sense of trust and authority based on how reliable all these backlinks make you look. If you think it sounds familiar, it’s because Off Page SEO is very much like traditional marketing. 

Now that social media marketing is big in the online business and marketing industry, it has become part of off page SEO too. At Website SEO Toronto, we make an effort to build your website’s reputation/credibility online through the implementation of the best off page SEO practice which is an important aspect of our search engine ranking process.

On Page and Off Page SEO come hand in hand in terms of generating organic traffic and increasing sales. On Page SEO and Off page SEO are activities we do to set the framework and foundation for the growth of your business. 


Monthly SEO Report


At Website SEO Toronto, we provide our clients with a monthly SEO report to show what we have done on your website and the progress your website has made on SERPs. This is an important part of our Primary Process since it indicates what aspects or factors are going well, and which factors require tweaking or altering to improve performance. Every industry and niche is different, and depending on the scale of your business, you will have different competitors too.

So with monthly SEO reports, you can get a specialized update on how much your traffic is growing, how you are progressing on SERPs, and then compare it against actual sales you are generating from the SEO efforts.

Some of the things you will see in our monthly SEO reports are your website’s domain rating, referral domains in a backlink overview, organic traffic in a traffic overview, landing page report, keyword positions, and most importantly, how you are progressing in terms of your goals and key process indicators as indicated in the contract.


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